Book Reviews / Rating Criteria

It’s not a secret: I love reading. And even though I know that just “loving books” does not makes me an expert on reviewing and rating them, I’m going to do it anyway.

Personally, I think every book should be rated according the strength of (at least) these three things : their storyline, their characters, and their writing. Those things are going to be what I base every rating off of at first, and then things can change depending on my personal opinions and preferences.



A book with a one-star rating, to me, is a book that I feel didn’t really do much of anything. If I read a book and finished it feeling extremely confused, that the characters weren’t developed well / likable, or that it was all-around poorly written, that deserves the lowest rating. I don’t think I would ever have any reason to rate a published book one star, but it’s here just incase.



A two star rating is very similar to a one star rating, except for one major difference: I can see where this book was going. I can still see the route the writer was trying to take, even if they didn’t quite get there. A two star book probably also wasn’t written that well and has somewhat flat characters, but the storyline and overall message / meaning of the book is able to be understood.



Three stars: very average. There’s no major plot holes, no boring / unlikable characters, and not poorly written. There could be one thing I disliked about the book, whether that be something technical in the writing or just my own personal preference.



A four star book is one I really liked. I think most of the books I’ve read I would rate four stars (and have done so on Goodreads). I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a big fan of the genre. For example, if the book I’m rating is a YA contemporary novel, I would recommend that anyone who’s a fan of that genre of book pick this one up.



Last but not least, five stars. For me, a five star book is going to find itself a place in my all-time favorites. I would probably recommend this book to every one I know who reads, even if they usually don’t like the genre the book is in. A five star book is one that is universally wonderful and interesting.


So, finally, here is my rating system. Most of the books that I’ll review and rate for this blog will probably be in the 3-5 star range because usually if I really dislike a book I’ll just stop reading it completely and move on to something else.


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