Playlist / Reading + Writing

When I read and write, I always need complete focus. I tend to lean toward the introverted side of the spectrum, and with that comes my appreciation of solitude and silence. However, there are some rare occasions where I need to put on some tunes to really get into my book, or I need the words of someone else to give me inspiration. (Sometimes writer’s block is just TOO real). So for times like those, I made a playlist on Spotify of songs I love that help me focus on the words on the page.

Platlist Title: Read / Write

Dirty Paws / Of Monsters and Men
Slow it Down / The Lumineers 
I Gave You All / Mumford & Sons
Take Me to Church / Hozier
Little Black Submarines / The Black Keys
Ain’t Gonna Drown / Elle King
Breathe Me / Sia
I See Fire / Ed Sheeran
Sweater Weather / The Neighbourhood
#88 / Lo-Fang
Mirror Maru / Cashmere Cat
Intro / The xx
Tides / The xx
Menswear / The 1975
Oblivion / Bastille
Mind Over Matter / Young the Giant
Georgia / Vance Joy
Waiting for Your Love / Lawrence Taylor
When You Love Someone / James TW
Nothing Arrived / Villagers 
Hot Gates / Mumford & Sons
Jackie and Wilson / Hozier
Prey / The Neighbourhood
Ophelia / The Lumineers
Robbers / The 1975
Re: Stacks / Bon Iver
Blame It on Me / George Ezra

So, there it is. I made this playlist about a year ago when I was in a huge reading slump , and have kept the songs pretty consistent since. I have deleted and added a few songs since it was created, but really, only a few.

I hope you find these songs as helpful as I do.


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