A photograph from my first Association of Writers + Writing Programs conference in Los Angeles, California. March, 2015.

My name is Shannon Nicole. I’m an avid reader, but also an avid procrastinator, older sister, and cat mom. As a college student I don’t have time to read and write like I used to, but I try with whatever free time I can get my hands on. Outside of doing homework and working in retail, I am the Managing Editor for my university’s literary magazine, The Helix.

My mother is one of those people who can read a book in a day and a half, and then immediately start another book the day after, so I must have gotten my reading habit from her. Even though we usually read very different genres, I always look forward to our weekly phone calls where she tells me which new book I would “absolutely love!” (She’s usually right.)

So, welcome to my blog–a mix of books and personal writing, but mostly books.



Goodreads: Shannon

Instagram: @sxnnp

The Helix Magazine: 


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